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At Stolen Sun, we take coffee seriously.  We go to great lengths to provide the perfect cup of coffee.  The Stolen Sun handcrafted coffee experience begins where our coffee beans start their life-cycle, on the farm at their origin.  We then select the tastiest coffees we can find and get them to Exton.  What happens next is a bit of science and a bit of craft and a lot of Magic!  We develop roasts uniquely for each bean to bring out the characteristics which make our roast style unique. 


Come experience what coffee is all about at our roastery.  We roast onsite weekly to ensure the freshest coffees you will find.  

Morning only comes once, and you deserve the best.

Stop by to check out our current selections and get the best and freshest coffees you will find in the area.

Handcrafted from start to finish
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