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Morning.  Enjoy our Craft.


Pourovers – Carefully curated Arabicas freshly brewed by the cup.     $6

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – Natural Process, sweet and fruity, Aricha, Ethiopia

Gustavo – Washed Arabica, Antioquia, Colombia

Resurgent Bourbon Infused Coffee - Rwanda, Colombia                 $8

Our House Blends – A blend of Colombian and African Coffees perfectly blended and roasted.     $4.5

Hello Darkness – Dark Roast, Robust Blend  
Sunrise – Medium Roast, Morning Blend

EA Decaf - Medium Colombian Sugar Processed Decaf


Foamy LattesCold brew Espresso with French Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Pumpkin Spice or Chocolate.     $6.5


Beermosa – Our morning classic. New Exton NEIPA (The Champagne of Exton), with Orange Juice     $9
Mimosa – Sparkling wine w/ OJ.   $10

Nashville Hot Bloody Mary - Our Hand-Crafted Bloody Mary mix all Nash'd up.  Garnished with a Nash Chicken Tender Skewer. Please be patient as we prepare this. Keep it traditional with Vodka or spice it up with Revivalist Gin.  $15

Irish Coffee - Top 'O The Morning!  Hello Darkness - Bourbon - Brown Sugar - Whipped Cream.  $12


Breakfast Totchos - Tater Tots, Pulled Pork, Scrambled Eggs, Beer Cheese, & our Delicious Smoky Chorizo Queso.  Piled high and ready to Nosh.   $15

Big Kahuna Breakfast Burrito - 2 Eggs over easy, Tater Tots, Cheddar Cheese, wrapped & grilled then topped with Our Delicious Smoky Chorizo Queso.  The cure for any Hangover!   $14

Add Smoked Brisket +$5

Add Smoky J’s Pulled Pork +$4

Add Bacon +$2.5 

French Toast Sticks - 4 French toast sticks and Syrup.  $8



Cheesy Egg Sandwich - English Muffin, Over Medium Egg, Bacon, Choice of Cheese.   $7
Deli Egg Sandwich – English muffin topped with Over Medium egg, pastrami and Swiss.            $10
OG Breakfast Cali-Ritos – Where it all started!  Scrambled eggs, black beans, and cheese wrapped in a tortilla & pressed.  With sour cream and salsa.  A great way to start your day.     $12

Add Smoked Brisket +$5

Add Smoky J’s Pulled Pork +$4

Add Bacon +$2.5    
It’s Breakfast – 2 eggs Over Medium or scrambled, toasty E
nglish muffin, potatoes, 2 bacon.  
Chocolate Chip Pan-a-ma-Cakes – Two buttermilk with chips and whipped cream.  Served with Syrup.   $10

BenedictsServed with Potatoes    
   Classico –
English Muffin, poached egg, h
am, and hollandaise.   
Rancheros –English Muffin, Smashed black beans topped with poached egg, salsa, hollandaise, and queso fresco.   $16
Smokehouse – English Muffin, poached egg, BBQ sauce, your choice of smoked meat, and hollandaise.
Smokey J’s Pulled Pork  
$17               Smoked Brisket  $19
   Reuben – Marble Rye, Pastrami, Beer-Kraut, Poached Eggs, and Hollandaise.                $18


Hot Chick’n -N- Pancakes – Housemade pancakes with our Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders and Fries.  Magic Dust Options: Medium, Hot, or None.  $17 
Smoky J’s Drunken Pan-a-ma-Cakes   -   Tw0 Pancakes topped with our Smoked Pulled Pork and bourbon-maple syrup.   $18


7oz Potatoes    $4

English Muffin    $2

Bacon            $2.5

7oz Fries    $4

6oz Mac N Cheese    $4

6oz Collards (not vegetarian)     $4

6oz Cole Slaw    $3.5

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